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About us

Our advantages are:

Cargo transportation is carried out by the Volvo brand new generation cars and refrigerator attachments, so we guarantee safe shipping.

  • A wide geographical network of cargo transportation
  • Existence of CRM system
  • First time the Customer Relations Management (CRM) system has been introduced in Armenian transport sphere.
  • Individual service: design of individual cargo transportation outlines at client’s request
  • Competitive cargo transportation tariffs
  • Cargo transportation of any volume, weight and category: from perishable food to special purpose non-standard loads
  • Tracking the entire route of cargo transportation in real time with GPS satellite navigation system.
  • Existence of thermo sensors in trucks indicating / monitoring proper temperature for transportation
  • Additional insurance to secure valuable and very important freight
  • Delivery of exclusive service “one connection point” between cargo transporter, freight forwarder and the recipient by proxy manager.

The company is located at 71 Arshakunyats, a total area of 8000 m2, of which 1200 m2 is occupied by refrigerated warehouses, equipped with all the equipment, which allows to save the agricultural products.

«BEST FRUIT LOGISTICS CENTRE» LLC  is ready to supply any quantity of Armenian  fresh fruits and vegetables all our partners in the Russian Federation.

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